Eri-Taku Couple goes car camping in Yokkaichi, Mie at Yokkaichi Hot Spring "Ofuro Café" Yumoriza
Eri-Taku Couple goes car camping in Yokkaichi, Mie at Yokkaichi Hot Spring "Ofuro Café" Yumoriza

Eri-Taku Couple goes car camping in Yokkaichi, Mie at Yokkaichi Hot Spring "Ofuro Café" Yumoriza

えりたく夫婦の嫁。ハスラーで日本中を旅する毎日。旅とお酒と歌うことが大好き。 ・Twitter & Instagram: @erincology

I'm Eri Sugawara of the Eri-Taku Couple, and I love going on car camping trips all over Japan with my husband in our crossover SUV Suzuki Hustler. Recently, we went car camping at an amazing Carstay station in Yokkaichi, Mie and had a romantic staycation at Yokkaichi Hot Spring “Ofuro Café” Yumoriza!


Ofuro Café is one of if not the most popular hot spring establishment among girls and couples in Japan. There are five locations all over the country but only the one in Mie gives off a nostalgic retro vibe. If this speaks to your heart, I cannot recommend car camping enough♪

Where is Yokkaichi and what's it like? 

Yokkaichi is in Mie Prefecture. Most people are familiar with Ise Grand Shrine in Mie, but Yokkaichi is a good two-hour drive from there. Alternatively, it's just about an hour-drive from Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture) and less than two hours from Hikone Castle and Lake Biwa (Shiga Prefecture), so we can say it's an easy road trip destination from both Aichi and Shiga Prefectures.


Night view of Yokkaichi city from Umiteras 14 Observatory♪


Kuwana is just right next to Yokkaichi and has loads of sightseeing spots like Nagashima Spa Land, Nabana-no-Sato Botanical Garden, and Mitsui Outlet Park: Jazz Dream Nagashima. Many people mistakenly imagine Yokkaichi as a factory town when it's in fact home to a 1.2 km natural athletic park Yokkaichi Sports Land and a sea terrace observatory Umiteras 14 on the 14th floor of Yokkaichi Port Building where you can glimpse a spectacular panoramic view of the port at night.

Spend a wonderful time at Ofuro Café♪

Go alone, take your boyfriend, or your girlfriends. It's just like going to a fancy café where you can let time slip by and bathe in luxurious hot spring.



There are currently five different locations all over Japan. “Ofuro Café” Utatane in Saitama (Carstay station available!), “Ofuro Café” Bivouac in Kumagaya, “Ofuro Café” Hakuju-no-Yu in Kodama, “Ofuro Café” Bijinyu in Shizuoka, plus the one in Mie. Each hot spring café has its own unique concept and a unique bathing experience.



Yokkaichi Hot Spring “Ofuro Café” Yumoriza in Mie has a retro-modern theater concept. It boasts the largest theater hall in the whole Tokai region that regularly shows plays and concerts. The facility was originally just "Natural Hot Spring Yulax" with water that springs from about 1300 meters underground, but has now been converted into a glorious hot spring and mega theater facility. 



Bathing facilities include an open-air bath, whirlpool bath, beauty treatment bath, herbal medicine bath, relaxation bath, cold bath inside a hot sauna, and many more! But my personal favorite is the subtle bath♪ The temperature is kept lukewarm between 36-37℃, so it's not hot or cold. It’s close to normal body temperature, which minimizes energy consumption—and that means you can stay there for a veeery long time!



Go to a fabulous banquet in Hanatori Uzuki after relaxing in the baths and indulge with traditional Japanese food and sweets.


Pollock Roe Udon (¥864) with thick delicious noodles that's perfectly between al dente and chewy! It’s also spiced just right!


The rest area is the cherry on top, with coffee, Wi-Fi, charging outlets, and thousands of comic books and magazines to choose from. Of course, everything is for free!



Your lavish staycation may very well consist of spoiling yourself in luxurious baths, fabulous food, and delightful travel magazines in the company of amazing people♪ Pamper yourself because you deserve it, girlfriend!


It's just like a dream♪ I was able to spend quality time with my man.

Get a sweet deal at Yokkaichi Hot Spring “Ofuro Café” Yumoriza with Carstay!

Free time unlimited plan at Ofuro Café costs ¥1380 + ¥1200 when you stay past 2:00 AM. However, a camping station on Carstay only costs ¥1000 per vehicle per night, so you'll still save money even if you're going solo! We were also able to use the immaculate restrooms inside the facility (Closed: 9-10 AM) so staying in the RV was very comfortable.


The Carstay parking station was really close to the facility so going to the restroom was very easy!


Besides saving a lot of money, there's another awesome thing about car camping with Carstay instead of staying at their lodging area. When you're on free time unlimited plan and you want to go outside, you're pretty much stuck within the facility and your car only. If you're car camping on the other hand, you can actually drive to a convenience store or a Japanese pub after midnight. That kind of liberty plus the fact that we could use their restrooms was an enviable position to have. (Laughs)



You wouldn't believe how many places you can go to within a short distance from Ofuro Café. There are 24-hour grocery stores, convenience stores, drugstores, McDonald's, Mos Burger, and Japanese traditional pubs and taverns! Immaculate restrooms at Ofuro Café plus many late-night stores/eateries within walking distance equals happiness! Camping at the roadside station wouldn't be as convenient, so I highly, highly recommend camping at Ofuro Café to all the girls out there♪



By the way, Carstay just put a new camping station at “Ofuro Café” Utatane in Saitama City, Saitama, which is lucky for me because I looove Ofuro Cafés! I'm going to go check it out with my RV and report back to you♪


Yokkaichi Hot Spring “Ofuro Café” Yumoriza is a unique Ofuro Café experience that can only be found in Mie. It's a perfect overnight trip with your sweetheart or your girlfriends if you're visiting Nagoya, Shiga, or Mie, but just as worth as its own travel destination from anywhere. Ofuro Café + Carstay car camping trip for the win! Book a trip here now!


<Yokkaichi Hot Spring Ofuro Café Yumoriza>

Hours: 10 AM - 9 AM (23 Hours)

*Bathing facilities closed during 2-5 AM

[Entrance fee] (Adult/JHS student+)

・Free time unlimited plan: ¥1,380 (+ ¥1,200 if you stayed past 2 AM)

・Standard per hour: ¥480



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えりたく夫婦の嫁。ハスラーで日本中を旅する毎日。旅とお酒と歌うことが大好き。 ・Twitter & Instagram: @erincology

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