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Vanshare is Japan’s first van sharing service, connecting camper
van Owners looking to save on maintenance costs, with Drivers who
want to take a vanlife trip.

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What kind of service is VanShare?
VanShare is an RV sharing platform for Drivers and Owners that want to manage and use an RV through a joint ownership agreement. Owners decide the RV pickup and dropoff location anywhere in Japan, and Drivers can select from the many RV types available such as campers and vans that are either for shared use (via private owners) or for rent.
What kind of "RVs” are listed?
Only vehicles that can comfortably accommodate one or more adults are listed. We carefully review the interior and accessibility of every vehicle that Owners register and only list those that pass our criteria. This includes special-purpose vehicles like camping vans (type 8 vehicles).
Is there any cost involved in registering as a Driver?
There are no registration fees or monthly usage fees for the initial registration. When registering as a Driver, you will be required to provide (1) your driver's license and (2) a photo of your driver's license card as well as your selfie capture, so please ensure that your license is still valid. After your identity is verified, your Driver registration is complete.
What is the process from registration to booking?
Once you’re a registered Driver, you can start looking for an RV. You can then send a booking request to the Owner, specifying your desired date and time. At this point, your payment is still processing. If the Owner accepts your booking request, your booking and transaction are complete and any further cancellation will incur a fee according to the terms of the shared use or rental agreement. If the Owner rejects it, both booking and payment are withdrawn. Currently, only credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Amex and Discover) are accepted as a method of payment.
When and how much will be charged for cancellations?
Cancellation fees vary depending on whether the booked RV is a shared use or rental vehicle. In case of the former, the fee incurred will be according to the cancellation policy of the "Shared Use Agreement" on the RV page. For the latter, it will be according to the cancellation policy set in the "Rental Agreement" on the RV page.
What is included in the payment?
The payment includes the following:
・Contract fee (for a new joint use agreement with the Owner)
・Individual usage fees set by the Owner
・Additional equipment fees set by the Owner
・Vehicle insurance premiums according to the period of use
*If the contract with the Owner is within the term of the contract or if the vehicle is rented, no contract fee is required.
How do I pick up and drop off the RV?
You and the Owner must meet in person to confirm each other's identity. It's standard practice to pick up the vehicle at the pickup location registered by the Owner, or at the nearest station if the RV can be parked there. If you want a different pickup location besides the registered one, you will need to get in touch with the Owner via chat and arrange for a more convenient location for both of you.
Who covers the fuel costs?
It depends if the RV is a shared use or rental van. In case of the former, fuel cost coverage will be according to the fuel policy set in the "Shared Use Agreement" on the RV page. For the latter, it will be according to the fuel policy set in the "Rental Agreement" on the RV page.
What should I do if more than one person is driving the RV?
Anyone besides the registered Driver that intends to drive must be registered as a sub-driver. After submitting a booking request and before the booking date, you will need to email us ( the following: 1) reservation number; 2) name and address of every sub-driver; as well as 3) the front and back photos of their driver's licenses. Sub-driver registration will be complete when you get a reply from us. Note that unregistered sub-drivers are not covered by our auto insurance.
What about insurance?
We have different kinds of liability insurance in place for Drivers and Owners in case of an accident while using our services. That includes a 24/7 support hotline as well as an accident compensation insurance up to a fixed amount. Clickherefor details.
What if I want to extend my booking?
From the members page > [RV booking list] > [Booking details] > [Request extension of RV dropoff date] > enter desired date > send request to the Owner. You can request in hour increments only and if the time slot is not booked already. The booking extension will be complete after the Owner approves it, so it's best to get in touch with the Owner by chat to let them know about your pending request. Note that our auto insurance will not cover you if you drive past the booked time without any extensions; however, the Owner can approve a retroactive request.
What should I do to prevent problems?
・Choose a reliable Owner based on reviews and get in touch right away via chat as needed.
・Talk to the Owner ahead of time about your responsibilities as Owner and Driver in case of an accident.
・Check each other's identity when you meet in person.
・Inspect the RV for scratches and damages during pickup.
・Notify the Owner immediately if the RV breaks down, gets dirty, damaged or lost.
・Call the Owner immediately in case of an accident after taking all necessary actions required by law.
We encourage all Drivers and Owners to resolve conflicts and disputes with each other, but we are ready to provide assistance as permitted by law.

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